my child

my child,


i hear your song of  wonder

at the blossoming of my rose

within vessel of your soul

and I long for you to realize

that when I behold your beauty

I see a precious, priceless vase

and I yearn to be beheld by you

for you are a most valuable container

in which my bud of Love unfolds

and I cherish you




you have taken the shattered pieces

of my broken soul

and lovingly restored me

in your gentle hands

to a silhouette of intact wholeness

and i long to be a worthy vessel of your love

to contain the waters of your sustenance

within the delicate contours

of my once shattered soul

yet i cannot gaze upon myself

and see a thing of beauty

help me to behold myself

through your apraising eyes

as a flawed yet cherished treasure

worthy of Your love




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