oh i am afraid

that i have fallen down the rabbit’s hole

to land in this peculiar land

where mad tea parties

celebrate insignificance

and confused prerogatives

vie for attention

with frantically scurrying time

i scream for them

to listen

but they think i am the crazy one

for challenging the queen of hearts’

egotistic order

in her house of cards

they look right through me

with their bewildered gaze

and call me by another name

yet still i know

this is not real

this fantasy called life

and though i try

to delight

in this absurd whimsicality

it is mere nonsense to remain

when my soul yearns so

to awaken

and be back home again

hopeless irrigation

oh god,
can’t you see
that their artificial irrigation
only temporarily suspends
though they pour pure water
day after day upon me
it scarcely penetrates the surface
it can never reach
these subterranean depths of pain
where the ground water
is so lethal
that i am permanently

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