learning modern math

learning modern math


so sad to see


caught up in the folly

of division


the way a child at learning plays

discriminating shapes and colors

into piles


but alas

i have it wrong

to denigrate the child

for to him the blocks

that land among the squares

are no greater than the ones that have three sides


they simply are


perhaps we’re hopeless lost

in adolescence then

deciding what is me and what is not

forever caught

in acts perverse

where self acceptance

standing on its head

becomes rejection


of to simply be


oh why do we persist

dividing life on earth

to black and white

and day and night

and left and right

while missing beauty’s moments


when all distinctions blur into the spectrum

of unfolding

yet unbroken


where no one stands alone

and no one is destroyed

neither overcome by light

nor absorbed into the darkness

rather One and All


i suppose that separation

is somehow essential to creation

for even cells divide

and God in God’s great glory



day from night

and water from the sky



in order to grow love


yet somehow in this classroom

we call life

where loving is the lesson

we left out the equal sign

when conceiving

long division


and the earth’s children soon forgot

that the solution

is the sum of equal parts

as in the conclusion


it is good


and yes, alas i realize that i

e’en in this treatise small

have successfully

nay, failingly,



my perspective

from those who perceive differently than i

who choose a life

of hierarchy

and i must also somehow learn to trust

that they are good


and so once again

relinquish self

into this space of opening

as i carry on

this path that i have chosen toward Love

and begin again to tread

more gently

so as not to overlook

nor overwhelm

beauty on the way

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