the rope whips

and cowboy quick

i am lassoed


an unsuspecting creature


by the tautness

in this sudden grip

round my once-limber limb

(oh could it be that yesterday, i leapt?)


one violent wrench

and i am all at once disjointed

as so abruptly i’m brought down

by forces yet unseen


and yet i reach

with legs and teeth

that remain struggling

to be free

striving to undo the knot


until snap

a second rope uncoils

to wrap its biting tongue

round my defense


again, again

flesh-seeking ropes

find pleasure in my strife

until at last

(and yet somehow quite instantly)


i am bound


no hog-tied comfort

from this horseman cruel

instead i shall be skinned

and strung up on display


my dying plea

to be

for arms, my arms

oh please sir, loose my arms

that they might fall protecting


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