hearing the greatest command

ok god, i’m listening and i think i understand what it is you need from me. you need for me to simply leave my door unlocked ….so that you can enter in the night and crawl into my bed, so that i can gently hold you in the dark, and you can release into my arms that which has been piled upon your back throughout the day. you need for me to simply be a listening ear and understanding arms, to see you in the doorway and embrace you as you are. ok god, i can do that. you know i have been waiting for you here since i was a child.


oh god, you look so weary and i can hear you sighing that you need someplace to go where you can simply be, received, as you are, where the world out there is not pulling you apart, demanding that you be what they need, claiming you to be their own. ok god, i can be that. let me be that place of peace for you.


i can say yes to that, to be your comfort and your hope and i will be your unconditional acceptance. i will be the place where you can go when you need to be held, without expectation or exception, the arms that will accept the wholeness and the brokenness of you. i will not deny you from my arms, nor will i make you deny yourself in order to be welcome here, for i see you and i love you, wholly and completely, as you are.


ok god come on in. let me be your safety, your heaven here on earth, the place where you can come to be made whole. let others claim your strength by day, make you be their spokesperson or their hero, their scapegoat or their scorn, but i promise to be here to hold your weakness and your weariness by night. i will be the arms where you will not be forced. i will let you be yourself, and not be what i need.


oh god, let me simply love you as you are….as you are.. as you are…for i know how you have longed to simply be accepted as ‘I AM’. so let it be as you desire and let me simply be…these opened arms, this open heart, these opened doors to you.

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