she flits from husband, mother, child,
friends, at work, at church, and on the pto
escaping barely, the slap upon the neck
before she buzzes off to the next item
on agenda
feeling somehow drained, she withdraws
her needle from the office door
before inserting it into the next ignition
with what to make for dinner
she snacks on cells
to fill the empty space between
her occupation
and her habit-at
seeking heat that will not come
from her vehicular exhaust
she hones in on the next host
of obligations
veering in to catch a bite of duty, droning,
so as not to drown
in the stagnant pool where she has lain her eggs
scarcely skimming cross the surface
of her low lying fear,
she spreads dis-ease
those she bites with her fleeting fix to fill
(the absence in her abdomen)
stillness with her brood

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