rocking the baby

rocking the baby


what do you want

oh pain of mine

i hear you screaming when I move

            and so I stop

crying when I’m quiet

            so I rise


your burning wakens me

and I rise to tend to you

but you will not be soothed

instead you kick me in the gut

and bend me over

bend me

bend me


oh please bend me

until my ear at last

is close enough to hear


gasping for a breath

so long deprived

that you have blackened

deadened and decayed


oh, but how can something dead

still scream in pain

does even death require

a loving touch

or are you simply buried

so deep within my flesh

that these hands of mine can’t reach you


perhaps it’s that your dying

has somehow touched the living

and it is they who wail in grief

pained at the loss of you


oh sweet pain of mine

how I mourn that I can’t find you

for somehow I know you are

a precious ruby buried

in the mine of devastation

that is me


oh please won’t you

tell me where it hurts


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