social insecurity

Love, you come

drifting in like incense

to ease your way

into the spaces tight

slipping underneath


and through the keyholes

of locked doors

to infiltrate the closet

where my frantic heart hides petrified

yet beating frantically inside  

this padlocked box of glass

upon the shelf

behind the boxes

filled with memory


and you slide beneath the cover

with your tendrils soft

to gently stroke the squeezing hands

persuading them to loose their grip

with your soothing wisps of safety

until they are like opened palms

cherishing the treasure placed within


and my heart relaxes in the hold

as you flow into the opening

to fill, to bathe, to comfort and caress

my fear

as i breathe

in the fragrance that is you…………….


but then the slamming open

of the door

reveals that we are not alone

and you are dissipated into space


and the hands curl again


praying we will not be found

as we cower in the corner

being small


only to breathe again

the memory of you

when the door is safely locked

and we are blanketed once more

by dark


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