lost girls

wendy darling

is it only me

or does it seem just yesterday

you were cream and peaches

but now the milk is skim

and peaches have too many carbs

and our daughters strive to be

mean girls


i wonder why we chose to wear this shadow


did we really burn our bras

so that they could wear sarcasm on their asses

when did our laughter break

into their scorn


was it when our mothers tied our feet

back to the post

pink sashes tightening their grips

around our longing

was it then

that peter stopped returning

to spring clean

although we stood with cheeks to the glass



oh woman, woman

let go of me

for my daughter begs me to recall

the way it was to fly on hope

let me return

to that house long forgotten,  yet familiar,


and clear the clutter

that has blocked my passage

since the day that hook came with his gag


sister, wake

and hear the crow!!

for we have fallen

into sleep, and plummeted

from flight

into suburbia

smuggling our daughters in our pocketbooks


where we have kept them


and doused their lights with fear

when pirates broke

with judgments wielded harsh 

upon their innocence


wendy, come and tell your story

once again

for you have been misread

and we have thrown in too much heartless

to the mix


forgetting innocence and gaity

exchanging them instead for

reproach and ridicule

our self-assurance twisted

by aggression


and we have somehow lost

our wings


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