sculpting the swimmer’s body

i take a dip into this body

to swim awhile in life

some days choosing waters warm

while from others, wrapped in winter so severe,

i beg to be withdrawn


last night i dreamt my car

went diving o’er the cliff

oh how i laughed

when it splashed through surface.


and climbing through the window,

opened out to sky and sea,

i swam to shore alive

with gaiety


this morning, i recalled the ferry

that i once dashed to catch

so many vehicles required

to cross 


as layer upon layer

we’re kept out

by fear

of wet

and cold

and drowning in this life


and i wonder if i simply

climb out of this body

in this dream that is today

when it leaps me into places

it can’t carry

can i gaze back at sky and sea

and body

i once thought was me

with joy of laughter same


no more waiting in this line

for a ticket to cross over

to be served up on a tray

of sameness

rather i can dive right in

and eat my fill of life

cooked up by me


and i can choose the flavor

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