i breathe in, you enter

out, i you

it is that simple, really


and so there is no fear

in letting go

for in you rush to fill

no sense in holding on

for what gave life last moment

becomes stale in this


let go


see what is here today

and breathe


do not let pride or anger

pain. betrayal

keep you bound up in that tomb

let it rise to be received

oh let it rise


toxins released

to be repurified

flowing in to love

flowing love into

my being




why do you stop them

with your heart

choking them back down

til they back up

to press upon the dam

that was your heart


feel the trembling

of the earth beneath your chest

roll the stone away

and let it flow


oh god

i feel the pull upon my heart

it is like a long arm reaching

and my heart wants to go

but i want to keep my heart with me

i am afraid


and now the tears

but only for a moment

just a tiny break in my defense

as my heart is lifted from its place

along the wall


a geyser pushing through

cut off

the stone resettled there

oh vicki

let it flow


i see

there are two streams in me

one quiet, peaceful, old

that lies behind, beneath the other

it flows so easily and free


how wide the water

at this space that empties out

into the vastness


where tears embraced by ocean

become one

and ocean swelling fills

my tidal pools


the other turbulent and young

twisting, turning

round my human heart

and seeking passage


to the other

let it flow


i see a wall of rock ahead

the tiny trickle that is me

each droplet carrying away

a grain


and maybe not

in this lifetime that is me

but what is time

next to the power of a drop


the river waits


to carry me

back to the source

like mother gathering the running child

into her arms


and both are inside me

one flowing gracefully

as her skirts billow with my breath

the other skips ahead

or lags behind


her breath coming at last

in great gulps and gasps

after she falls

forgetting for a moment

how to breathe


and mother carries

child awhile

then sets her down

to scamper free


to let her flow

breathing in

breathing out

for surely both will meet

back home again

at the end of day


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