up ahead

i saw her break

the car crash on her road trip


and in that flash of horror

my own heart felt the crush

so heavy,

as her bones unbending, fractured

my mind the torment

of her organized existence jolted

by the impact

into chaos


unexpected and unasked for

too sudden to turn away

i became unwilling witness

as the car door to her future

opened up before my eyes

and i saw the bloodied vision of her beauty

twisted and disfigured

beyond any image she could ever love

in the mirror she now stands before each day

as one accused and waiting for the verdict



the anguish of this opening too great

the silence too profound

in that abyss, ripped open and exposed

where the passion of her song

misguided by the gripping of her frightened hands upon the wheel

is swallowed

and i so longed to fill that space again

with the screeching of the tires

and a scream loud enough

to carry the grief of my denial


that i rose and walked away


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