question of evil

If we cease to see evil, will evil cease to be?


Oh, I am not suggesting that we turn our backs, pretend it doesn’t exist, but rather that we turn our cheeks to look at it directly, see it for what it is. This is not the same as being blind at all, but instead choosing to be fully awake.


How quickly in our rushing to the aide of the oppressed do we become the oppressor, demonizing and condemning those whom we perceive to be the cause of our outrage and despair. It is no different than the dehumanizing that the other one (whom we have chosen to despise) has projected upon those that he oppresses, blaming them for his own pain, using them to justify his condemnation. We become the enemy we loathe, like them, unable to perceive the humanity in the other.


Is evil then something we create by focusing our attention upon it? Modern physics has shown that the attributes of objects do not exist independent of observation. In fact, what we know as the negatively charged electron is merely a field of potentiality until during the brief moment of observation it condenses into a localized mass. Thus, are we not both spectators and actors at once, creators of our own reality?


Does all our focusing upon the other as the source of evil and the source of our pain somehow make it so? Does this concentration of attention then in fact cause the vicious mass that becomes part of the cycle of hatred and oppression and resultant hatred?


Perhaps if we were to focus upon the other’s humanity, this would likewise call it forth (from within them and ourselves). Not merely the humanity of the one whom we perceive to be oppressed, but the humanity of the one who abuses power out of fear. If the spectator and the player we become would envision Love, would the one observed reveal itself as Love?  If I choose to look for Love in every situation that I experience, will Love not show her face?


There are those who see the enemy without, there are those who see the enemy within….themselves, the church, a nation. Yet both make the same mistake—choosing to see evil and greeting it with condemnation and with blame instead of Love. If I choose to see humanity, to greet the fearful ones, the judgmental ones, the hated ones, the wounded ones who rise with understanding and acceptance, will the potential for negativity merely dissolve back into the sea of Love from which it came. Perhaps this is what it means to Love your enemies.


If we cease to see evil, will evil cease to be?


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