1.winds unheard by touch

the treetops danced as moved by

inside melodies


2.blossoms red to kiss

panes of glass too cold to touch

penetrating light


3. sky horizon hill

winter limbs close panes of glass

violet blossom me


4. me violet blossom

panes of glass close winter limbs

hill horizon sky


5. nothing is supposed

to be and yet a bird

appears i suppose


6. purple against grey

drinking water ponders source

turbulent and still


7. flower flower man

the back side of the sun

shining on the carpet


8. cymbal sound absorbed

a drop into the ocean

silence of the room


9. stripped but not alone

a man unflowers and becomes

full with emptiness


10.curling to embrace

unfurling to become



11. particle or wave

motion or moment endless

eyes of one who sees


12. gurgle trickle gong

buzz and murmer, rush and moan

clearings of the throat


13. a breath and a groan

just one tilt of the head and

the radiator coughs


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