rainy day thoughts

1.the tentative lindera bud

holds on to the fringes of her leaf

unsure of the climate in this place 

it seems to her

that only yesterday she stood

confined to the corner of a cell

enforced into her prolonged sleep

by super imposed winter 

today her essence,

once withdrawn into her self,

risks revelation of her color and her form

as she springs unbound

from the lingering embrace

of the bud’s misgivings 

perhaps she will withhold her blossom yet

for the coming days of light 

2.you lie

in wait for a drink to spring

or my hand to caress

your soil, awakening,nay beckoning

the potency of you

unleashed, not in a bolt of fury

but the unfurling of a bud

at last noticed

by the eye of the beholder 

i watch and wait

welcoming the revelation

of yourself

as you come in your own time

and your own way

that is not mine

but is  

3.you let us do our own thing

for awhile

creating images we think

will satisfy

tidy squared-off uniformities 

you let us hide behind the artificial fences

of our fear

e’en as we push

more of you away

beyond the reaches of our poisons 

yet still you survive

to co-exist within our boundaries

of acceptance

conforming even to our limits

bearing beauty 

until at last the hunger calls us

out of fear

into your forest deep

to feast upon the banquet

of which we have dined on crumbs 

then home we turn

to let this rush of wind

and wing

bear you wholly back

into your garden 

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