here She comes

here She comes

waltzing through the meadow

a lark upon Her shoulder

her hand upon the fabric of Her skirt

lifting so as not to be ensnared

by stinging nettle


oh, here She comes

her eyes have noticed mine

gazing from the edges of Her garden

stirring Her at first to pause

and then to rush

her hat, Her hair released its tether


here, oh here She comes

stepping out of Her enchanted reverie

her wash of muted fantasy

eagerly departed to cross o’er

this boundary line

into my hungry arms


and here She is

stepped right into this world of contrast

and of lines

to me! in black and white, amongst these

kelly greens and blues

severely pruned, yet somehow still alive!


oh here she is!

right here in my embrace

yielding to my body like a glove

and clinging fast to the exhilaration

of this, our recovered love


and here She is

no longer faint illusion

but skin and bones and lips and breast

and flower, milk and honey

dancing to this sensual song

of ecstasy


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