prayer shawl

inert upon the rocker you lay in wait

as if it is my touch that you require

my need that brings you into life

my invitation that you seek

before you’ll open out your comfort unto me 

and then as if you had been crouching

you do spring to throw yourself about my fragile form

as if it were your very arms that did the tossing

and the landing upon me

right here where you desire 

oh love, how could it be i am your great desire

that you would want to wrap yourself

 so quickly about me

how could i be this one so richly blessed

to know this soft embrace

to feel this full

enclosure of your folds

why would you choose this body that i am  

then just as quickly, i do know

that it is me who does the folding

and the molding and the holding

it is me who wraps this flesh about your form
and you who are the One, peering out at life

loving from behind these eyes
hidden deep within these folds of mine 

and i see

as if i see for you, as if you see for me

as if there were two eyes that see as one

emerging from this veil 

while deep inside this warmth we feel

each anguish of the flesh 
each spirit-deep contentment
each one contained, expressed,  
received by this embrace

and now i know

that this moment is the truth
that there is no illusion

and now i only know

that there is nothing other than this love

and that there is no me

but only you

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