good enough


there’s a girl inside

she longs to play,

to laugh, to sing


but she’s afraid

her hope and joy

are not allowed


cause she’s been taught

her worth depends on those

who choose for her


if she is good enough



to laugh and sing

to dance and frolic

in the field


to love this life

and all the beauty

it contains


but all she sees

are children living

in the hunger

that she feels


the starving in her soul



and she believes

that pain is always

all her fault


and that if she

were only perfect

life would be


without this pain

without this hunger

and this strife if she


were only good enough



she never hopes

because to hope

is to believe


that life is good

in all its horror

and its pain


and she refuses

ever to believe

that this is so


and god to hell can go



because if god

were any love

worth fighting for


then he would see

this desperation

in her soul


and send her some

just one who loves her

just the way she is


to see the beauty in her soul



and so she screams

in silent desperation



in dark of night

when no one comes

to hear her truth


she knows that if

she only weren’t her

then this would not


be pain she had to bear



she moves through days

being the one she thinks (they say?)

they need


bearing the grief

of being outcast

by the world


inside her heart

so tortured by

the ugliness she’s born


she wishes

she were good enough



and that the world

would love this woman

that she is


and all rest

who live in suffering

and pain


because of those

who label

what has worth and what has not


and toss aside


those who aren’t good enough


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