am ponderings

what would happen if we allow god to be imperfect. imperfect by our
standands and definitions of perfection, that is. what if we allow god to be

all that we see…the struggling and striving, the pain and the brokeness,
the learning and becoming. what if we let go of our need for life to look
the way we think it ought to look in order for us to embrace it as good. and

what if, in the act of such acceptance of what is, we miraculously discover
that god is perfect after all. that everything that we have deemed
unacceptable and ugly is indeed tender and beautiful and meaningful.

what greater lesson in learning to love, what greater growth in love, can
there be than this. to love what we deem is broken and flawed. to embrace
even a god who is less than our image of what god must be. oh how our
hearts, released from their holding out for more, would expand.

i think sometimes we project all of our own self-hatred onto god, imagining
that there is some perfect image out there that is certainly not us,
believing that we would truly love if only we could find something worthy
out there, when in fact the one who longs to be perceived as worthy just as
s/he is, is our own self.

and imagine the healing that would take place….if there is such a god,
imagine its pain at being unseen, unaccepted, unloved, then to finally be
embraced and loved, accepted. imagine the healing of the world, now seen
through eyes that love and honor it all. imagine all the people, no longer
despising themselves…..

all is well,

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