holy embrace

oh love,

how is it that you create this open space in me, while curling yourself around my curves, clinging and caressing. how is it that my spirit soars when held in your embrace. can it be an eagle flies within?

and how is that your very openness embraces, that your spaciousness ne’er eradicates your touch?

it is as if i float within your warmth. as if your tender walls expand to take in the whole of me. as if i am lost and found at once.

what delight do you suffer in this consummation? is there some nourishment i bring? do you, as i, come alive through this enchanted curiosity of touch…finding self within the body of another. and do you, as i, grow somehow more complete with the taking in of me….

i wonder at the vastness of your love, the extremities of your delight, the depths of your unspoken passion, the edges of your sorrow. and i am filled as i fill. i am opened as i open. i am emptied, taken in. in this neverending dance of our lovemaking where i am lover and beloved, where

we are one, and i am one, and neither one is broken. giving and receiving in one breath.

and still you grow, and still do i. and love receives, expands, and spills its blessing.


and i am created afresh in this moment, as are you, molded deep within each moment after moment after moment, bearing beauty never known before, yet somehow springing forth from the same source, from these very seeds of love, entering and thrusting, exploding fully into life, impregnating flesh.


oh love, within this dance of intimacy so intense i am ceaseless taken in, and all that flows from from me, as all that is of you, is received, embraced, and used in this miraculous conception, this evolution, this birthing of a life.

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