i am

I am
at my depths unknowable
as You
I am
mystery ineffable
un-capture-able, un-name-able
All of this striving
to be seen, be heard, be known
(preposterous quest!)
has led me at last
to this truth.
I cannot be known
as You
cannot be
I cannot be communicated
in word
nor even thought of who
I am
I am no thing
and yet
I am
And in this place,
which i have perhaps feared for far too long
I am alone
complete – ly Alone
Yet here
in this dark space
this pregnant pinpoint, vast
and prior to
I am
Somehow known
by You, Alone
beyond words
beyond thoughts
beyond even form
I am
I am
I am
Stripped of all that I think
I am
of all the ways that I express
I am
of all the clothes I wear
I am
naked, and I am
my Self
wearing no thing at all
but You

In this virgin space
uncluttered by definition
uncluttered by desire
for men to penetrate my sacred depths
and join me
In this virgin space
hidden in the dark
unseeable, untouchable,
I am
Yours, Alone.

How can this darkness be filled with light?
How can aloneness feel so close?
You invite me to this holy space
to be alone with you, Alone

Here we are One Alone
no, it is not being ‘alone with the Alone’
as they say
It is One Alone
my self – pre form and de- finition
pre word and even thought
beneath all these ways that I
so incompletely and so failingly
express my self
Yourself – likewise prior to
Pure Being
One, undifferentiated and unknown
You Alone know the whole of me
for here in this space
there is not a ‘being with’
there is simply Being
One are We
and so
I am
known by You
because You are me
and there is no need at all

This virgin space
empty and full at once
dark and yet blindingly bright
a pinpoint, infinity
full of potential
yet un real ized
What it is
unexpressed and unbroken
undifferentiated Being

How is it that we travel so far from this space
and yet carry it within us
flowing forth
exploding into time
within each moment
we become
and we carry
Being into form
seeking to express the inexpressible
making known
some portion of Unknown
a moment of Eternity
while the Eternal rests in perfect stillness
and deep within
flowing, flowing into form
losing nothing of Itself
remaining pure
as It received this pouring back
of time into Its depths

I wonder
Are you somehow changed by me, or
Am I
So that you can be?
Am I
To be known by You?
so that You can know Yourself or
Am I
Be coming….


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