in the beginning

in the beginning,

 there is sound

prior to form

prior to being

prior to light

it is the sound of longing

of yearning, unnameable

yet uncontainable

we hear its primal echoes

in the sound of pressing lovers moaning

we hear it

in the sound of laboring mothers groaning

in springtime’s urgent whisper, greening

it is in the sound of birds anticipating dawning

in the rushing toward the deep of something thawing

it is the sound of the universe, yearning for life

the sound of silence awaiting a midwife

and from that sound, there comes light!

the word become flesh, life!

the light of our being

and the source of our seeing


that draws us forth from our wombs and our tombs

and into the arms of the waiting Bridegroom


that pierces our aching hearts with a flame

the fire in our bellies, reclaimed


 that coaxes open the buds of our longing

and shines warm upon our belonging

then with radiant hope

or ember soft glowing

we carry the light of shalom


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