lenten movements

been sticking my toes into the online community lately, from time to time, to test the temperature, i suppose. mostly though, i’ve been strolling softly in my
solitude, savoring the sights and sounds and scents of silence along the

i peeked in to one such site yesterday, a place where i had once experienced too much tossing in the waves.  the conversation on lent caught my eye, like the sudden sleekness of a body rising from the waves to take a breath, its greyness blending into the greyness of the surf, such that if i were not paying attention, i would have missed its surfacing presence amidst the turbulence……

lent for me is a time of deepening. with its arrival at the midpoint of winter,
following so closely on the heels of the noise of the holiday season, which,
with its final hurrah ushers us into a vast quiet, lent calls me to attend to
what is taking place beneath. to notice both the stillness and the gentle
movements in my soul.

last year’s lenten season found me still in the midst of stripping those final
dried strands that were lingering on my surface. my attachments to being seen.
my clinging to old ways of receiving nurture.

this year, i find myself breaking open to my vulnerability. noticing its
strength, the way in which its rootedness in Love below the surface secures me,
such that thoughts of blossoming in my own color feel hopeful.  a simplicity of
being who i am. fears and pain and sorrow, hope and joy and peace. a part of
the becoming.


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