the fatal flaw–eating the apple

i shall one day die.

this does not negate my ideal of ‘eternal love’ in the least. cannot something that is ‘fatally flawed’ also be perfect….?

this apple that i am taking a bite of has, i imagine, a fatal flaw in that it is
designed to be food for another, which, in effect destroys it in its current
form. and yet it nurtures me…

and i may, through the tossing of the core into my compost pile (which may
attract a small animal, who will consume it and then defecate in the field
behind my house) assist in the growth of a new tree…more nurture, for the
small creature, and possibly onward to another generation of tree pickers..

so much nurture for growth in that which is fatally flawed…

all is well,
vicki (emma)

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