as you might notice, i have been doing very little writing lately, but it has been good to return to the garden. there, i’d like to think i am incarnating the word in some small way. creation (both noun and verb) is so healing.

doing what i am.

i continue to be in awe of life, to hold humanity and all beings in the greatest of reverence for choosing to participate in this terribly beautiful becoming.


my oldest son gifted me in 2 ways recently. first, he gave me a coffee table book, labor of love, by anne geddes.  you may not know that my home is filled with images of mother and child. the relationship there is so tender, the miracle and hope of new life so precious…. the way in which we choose to come into this world so vulnerably….. to be received by those who came before us, a fresh reminder to those who may have forgotten for a moment why they are here. to love. to open out to love. to surround with love. to grow love.  each one of us deserves to be received within each moment with such embrace for the tender wonder that we are.

second, he danced with me at his wedding to louis armstrong’s ‘wonderful world’ 

yes it is.

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