how do we love?


when these icicles of time become stalactites of eternity, and practicality the golden rule, and life devolves into some disengaged survival of the fittest, somehow disconnected from the source of life. for survival becomes not seeking shelter, food, water, love, belonging, meaning… in the gifts of earth, but rather seeking dissatisfaction in the inanimate.


what will become of an entire culture that is built not upon the gifts of its people (for the people’s gifts don’t fit into the odd shaped holes which feed them money, nor does the money ever feed their hunger anyway, although they need it to survive) until mere survival is the only thing that keeps them breathing in an insignificant existence, where people squeeze themselves into rectangular forms to fit through the machinery of the culture in which they must survive, though they yearn for something more, that something that has been left behind, though they yearn to reverse the flow and do the feeding from the depths of gifts they bear, their gifts are rejected, will not pass through the barrier behind which the truly hungry starve…..


how do we love? when the expression of the Love we are is rejected as unnecessary.

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