Canticle – Zachariah’s song

Zachariah’s Song, a new translation


Blessed are You, Lover of all

Who abide with and awaken your people

You raise within us the Love

That we have been born to be


You whisper to us holy blessings

Through the mouth of the ancient ones

Lovesongs of remembrance to free us

From deceptions and fears that oppress


Throughout the whole of humanity

You keep covenant with your people

Upholding the commitment you made

To be compassion here on earth


Love, free us from all our doubt

That we might be Love through our days

To stand in the light of Your Love

As a Beloved and Loving presence


As for myself, let me be called

To be Love here in this place

To Love others as I have been loved

And ease them of their despair


Through Your Infinite Lovingkindness

May the Dayspring of Light at last dawn

On those in shadows and darkness

to guide them on paths of peace


With grateful heart, I bless You

Who entrust me to make Your Love real

For the gift of Christ in this moment

Who remembers me to who I am




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