Day 3 – Desolation

Day 3 Matthew 4:1-6; 28:20

Wanting something to happen right now, yearning for the bread to be delivered so
that we can taste its satisfying sweetness in our mouths today, we find
ourselves tempted to do something, make something happen now….or conversely we
quietly give up looking for Love at all, lured by the desolation of a desert
seemingly without food. But these are not the kind of resistances nor the type
of surrenders asked of us. In times such as these we are instead asked to
abandon ourselves more completely into the Heart of Love.

How is it that we are so quickly drawn by and into the desolation of the world
around us…drawn not with a compassionate response but with the echo of despair?
 I suspect this is because it mirrors a similar place of desolation within, some
fearful place that has not yet received Love, whose voice rises with sheer
hopelessness the cry, ‘Why?!’

We close the ears of our hearts to the Lover’s call because the place where it
most wants to sing its song is the place of our deepest sorrow or despair. We
would rather not know that Love is there at all than to experience this
particular fullness of our humanity.  Ironically, we erect our walls because we
somehow fear Love’s presence. But it is in experiencing our own humanity and
letting it be embraced by Love that we are gathered in and made whole and thus
learn to greet the desolate humanity of others with compassion.

When our hearts open to Love they are quite vulnerable and we must take care
with what we allow to tread upon that ground, for when the sacred ground of
life becomes defiled for us in some way, we can forget where to find the
sacred. When the place where we have met God is vilified, we are lost. Life
becomes as if we are wandering in a desert….though the earth on which we tread
is overflowing with fruit!

We are in the process of Love-making here in this experience of Life, of
receiving and bearing the outpouring of Love into Being, of making perfect the
union of humanity and divinity so that God can give birth to Love-visible.
There is a tenderness to Love-making that is vulnerable given the reality of
our humanity, a tenderness, that like the holy of holies must be protected from
external demands of disclosure and proof, a sacred tenderness that ‘just is’,
that will not let a harsh light glare upon it. It is in this dark and tender
place that the child is conceived and enwombed, nurtured and protected.

Our true dwelling place is here, within the withinness of God’s heart, which,
like a sacred bed-chamber that allows no entrance to voyeurs who would cheapen
the beauty of that Love-making, is the place to which we return when the
desolation out there threatens to tread. And only when we thusly assure the
desolate One in ourselves that we will not abandon Love FOR it, will it hear
the song at last that whispers Love TO it.  For only when we enter fully, with
the whole of beings, into this space can we let ourselves be seen at last as
Beauty, can we open to receive the blessed truth of who we are, and can the
gift that we are be revealed.


it seems i know not

north or south

and east and west are spinning me in circles

behold me, Love, and hold me,

here within Your heart


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