Day 5 – Essence

Day 5: Essence

Isaiah 62


O what a lovesong is this one. O, how my soul rises up in ecstasy in response these words even as my heart settles deep into its promise.


“For your sake I will not remain quiet, I will not be silent, till your righteousness shines out like the dawn. You will be a crown of splendor in my hand. No longer will you be called Deserted, or your land be named Desolate, but I will call you Hephzibah (my delight is in her) and Beulah (married one). Never again will I give your grain as food for your enemies, and never again will foreigners drink the new wine for which you have toiled, but those who harvest it will eat it and those who gather the grapes will drink it in the courts of my sanctuary…..Prepare the way! Remove the stones!”


O Love. In You we are inviolable. Nothing can violate, taint, or tread upon the sacred ground of Love. In this place where You alone are invited to enter, this place of inner union, We Are, simply Love. Love that flows from You; Love that flows from who ‘I am’. From this ‘One-place’ of purity, Love alone flows up and out through channels cleared of fear to be received by the Beloved.


O Love. It is merely impossible for this to be destroyed, this place within from which pours forth the wine. From an unfathomable source it flows, like the woman at the well who learns to drink from an Inner Source of Water. No longer dependent upon others to haul up the bucket, she knows where to find it. She becomes the vessel pouring forth, no longer being dumped upon but overflowing. Yes, the flow is reversed in the great turn around that is repentance. It flows from within …and from deeper within the Heart of God to where it then returns in overflowing abundance.


This Water is there in the midst of the desolation, this Water that flows forth and from which we drink. The juicy path in the wilderness, the way in the desert, is an interior way, a channel to goodness and Love, cleared of all the stones that have blocked it – messages of unworthiness and rejection. This is a knowingness of Goodness that comes from within the heart of God, from the place where you and the Beloved are One. From deep within this heart of the Beloved, we flow. This is a knowingness that needs no shield for protection, for there is simply no way to destroy it! It depends not upon an earthly receptacle, it spills out of its own accord, to pour itself over the dry land from the never-ending source where We Are. Where ‘I am’. Love is its own protection.


The need to be received is fulfilled by Love alone, a Love so full, so robust, that the stones that would seek to dam it fall by the wayside from the intensity of its flow, or they are swept up it, embraced by the very Love they seek to deny. Like a mighty river this Love grows and through this widening channel, our own Lovesong roars into the sea where Love is the One receiving. In this inexhaustible cycle of Becoming, Love delights in what our hearts pours forth. Into Love’s eager arms, we pour ourselves and Love receives the whole of who we are as Beauty. Into Love’s eager mouth, we overflow our sweetness, and Love drinks thirstily of who we are.

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