O Love, she is dying

she is here

more present to me in this moment

than she ever was

her life poured out

her soul remains

i see her face

for the first time


o Love, it has been good

this journey we have been on

so beautiful the unfolding

so beautiful the unfolding

so beautiful the unfolding


Love, in her i have tasted You

            your brokenness, your hope

            your sorrow and compassion

such tender suffering

holy desire

sacred wound

i have tasted something of your sweetness

as she has tasted me


o Love,

i pray she heard the goodness and the beauty

she has birthed into in this place

outpouring compassion

i pray she has received from me

some gift the same


o Love, to shout ‘good’ byes

the journey has been good

this singing, dancing You into this place

although we know we two

shall continue to dance, to sing

Your song, to gether

to Be song and dance


o Love, to sigh ‘good’ bye to life

to die

to gather goodness and let go

of even that into Your arms

receiver of it all


o Love, this sorrow is so sweet

such tragic joy

this union

of grief and blessing



my heart so full of Love it breaks


o Love,

into death i fall

into the wonder that is You


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