Day 11 – You

Day 11: You


O Love, the winter wood is at last stripped of its beauty, and i see only You.

As far as my heart can see, there is only You.

In this expanse of skeletal remains, there is only You.

In this aloneness, no one but You. 

In the shaking, the falling, the crumbling, the dying, there is only You.

Cleared of every obstacle, of foliage and flower and undergrowth, I stand rooted in You.


 Birds come no longer singing in my branches, and the song I hear is You.

The woodpecker has long since emptied me of the insects that hollowed and hallowed me,

I am an empty shell, filled with only You.

In this quiet still, there is only You.


Yes, Love. There is winter space in this emptiness for You.

The falling and the dying create a room for You….for your ‘wisdom to spring up from the ground and your truth to look down from the sky’ . …..



….And then you roll in like the fog, over the water, across the land, shrouding the skeletons and saturating spaces with Your cloud.


 This is enough beauty for me.

You are enough for me.

I can see no farther than the beating of our Heart and my eyes are full of You.

I know only Your dampness in me,

dripping with You do I stand here as You moisten my deaths, hallow my hollowness, baptize my shell.

Hidden from me is the life You inseminate in my debris as You bathe my dying.


There is You.

Only You.

Deep in this hush,

after the trembling, after the falling, after the dying.

There is You.

What is before me, and what follows me, is You.

Only You.


 I wait bathed in You.







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