Day 13 – Consecration

Day 13: Consecration

Luke 12: 35-46


So Love, here we are with our awareness that everything is welcome, everything is included, everything belongs to You. There is nothing that can separate us from you, Love, for there is nothing separate from You. We have feasted on the goodness of the banquet of union with Love…of receiving Love (no matter how IT looks) and being received by Love (no matter how WE look),. We know that Love is all there is, that Divinity and humanity kiss. And this awareness is like a lamp within us, not only by which we can see, but by which we can be seen….found by Love. Our openness to You and our deep trust in You is like a lamp that allows You to enter easily into our experiences.


We have been practicing the conscious work of feeding those parts of ourselves that have been starved of Love, bringing the ‘unworthy’ to the banquet to eat hungrily of Your Love,  no longer ‘beating them up’ for their need but letting them be touched at last. Through years of intentionally bringing ourselves before Love, we are gradually transformed. And it can seem a long time in coming…this Loving Presence we desire to be in eternal communion with in our being and our doing.  Many cycles of deepening, many seasons of growths and blossoms and deaths, many watches of the night have taught us to open the door immediately to Love so that we are ready to do so in the unexpected.


But today we are surprised indeed. Oh Love, this feels like too much! For You whisper to us that You want to serve us! What can that mean? It feels like those moments when You bent to wash our feet, as if You were humbling Yourself before us in reverence for the difficult journey we embark here in Your service. Oh how it feels to have You cherish us in this way. Your honor lifts something in us…not in an ego-stroking kind of way… but in an empowering way, in a solidarity kind of way. It brings our humanity into an embrace of its blessedness as bearers of You, as birthers of You, as vehicles of You. We are indeed given possession of You.


Oh Love, how we ponder these words in our hearts. We question the astonishing promise in them. We fall asleep with them on our lips…O Love, how can this be? That You would serve us? What more Love can there possibly be than this goodness you have nourished us with–this touching our sorrows, our fears, and our deaths with Your Love. But here it is written, there is more. Not only the promise that You will show up if we remain open, not only the promise that our opening to You will allow You to enter more deeply into our virginal spaces to touch them with Love, to conceive in them peace and hope, joy and love so that the wounds become gift, but that You will serve us?


How oh how can this be? O Love, so often we have heard and understood that our lives are to serve You, to be a vehicle for You to pour Yourself through, to make Your Love visible, to make your Love Real. But now with these words there is a great turnaround, a great mind opener (speaking of repentance). What You are saying is that it is mutual!  (And again comes this message of union, of Oneness, of non-duality, of neither here nor there, of alpha and omega).


What if we take each of the above statements then and turn them around. Your Love is to be a vehicle for us to pour ourselves through, to make Our Lives visible, to make Our Lives Real….to make our lives sacred! Yes! That is it! Allowing all of ourselves to Be Loved, to be served, to be touched by Your grace, to be embraced by Your desire is to let the whole of our lives become Holy.


O Love, we are ready. Be it done to us according to your will.









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