Day 14- Dancing

Day 14- Dancing

Matthew 11:2-16. Isaiah 61:1-4, Psalm 85. Psalm 146. James 5:7-10.


‘We played the flute for you,
      and you did not dance;
   we sang a dirge
      and you did not mourn’


O Love, this breeze! This fabulous late autumn breeze. It blows through my opened windows, clearing the last remnants of death and debris, freeing the paths for passage, and exhaling a breath of fresh fragrance. Winter is but weeks away, when the time for great stillness will settle, but for today, you call me to dance! …. with my feet rooted firmly in You. Precious paradox.


I dance to the Song of Your Spirit blowing through openings in me, to the sweet- sounding whistle of Your wind pressing its way, to the subtle percussive rattle of lingering drynesses touched by Your breath.


O Love. I am.


Integral to the whole of this symphony You sing. I wonder at the harmony you intone through me, without which something subtle yet precious would go unsung. Unheard. May I be hollow enough for it to resonate.  May my voice open enough to sing it.


I am enough.


O Love, shall we dance? Shall this deep trust and freedom entwine. Shall silence and song embrace, shall peace and aliveness kiss, as I move through my days rooted in You, reaching for You, singing You.


O Love, trust is so integral to the freedom to dance. Deep trust in Your Presence. Within me, loving me, honoring me, encouraging and guiding my steps. Trust in your blessing and reception of me, as your arms spin me out and gather me in. Trust that You are likewise within the other….guiding and blessing and inviting the dance within them….with or without me, in the Yes or the No, may I trust that You will be You in them.


And so we shall dance with each other in mutuality….by invitation not force. And so we shall Make Love Real in this place….opening to and honoring the integrity of Your presence in self and the other. And so we shall create new life by invitation alone. Otherwise we are not Making Love at all, but doing violence (ripping the other open to force ourselves upon them, or, conversely, receiving the pain of submission and suppression) We shall Make Love a celebration of shared blessing, a union of souls.


O Love, may Your breeze blow the veil back from Your face that I may see You. May Your dancing spirit be upon me, blow through me, flow from me that I may sing Your song of freedom and blessing to the prisoners within and without. May Your gusts carry my songs to where they are needed…to places in need of healing, to comfort the mourning, to bestow crowns of beauty and garments of blessing where there are ashes and sorrow. May these ones delight in the song. In place of their shame, may there be dances of blessing.


O Love, set the captives free, the ones who believe themselves unworthy of receiving and pouring themselves out, not trusting in their own or Your goodness. Send messages to clear the path, removing the debris of accumulated lies, so that the union of God and humanity in them might be a Lovemaking beyond their imagination, beyond our mind’s eye, beyond the goodness we think we see here and there, to the Goodness that is, to the Love that is yearning to Be. May these ones rise up to dance the Song that we are.


May this be our prayer…..O Love, we delight in Your song. We delight in You. Look, our hearts are adorned for You. Come dance with us!


O Love, we are ripe for You. Our soil is fertile, Come. With the Spirit of the wind, clear our paths and deposit Your seeds that this land will yield a bountiful harvest in the season beyond this great waiting.





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