making Love

True Love Making, I have come to understand,  comes ‘down’ to honoring and trusting the deep Presence of God within the other. Being able to see the Real Essence that lies beneath the surface.  This prevents me from wanting to make God in my own image, forcing my image on others, and ‘lets God be God’ in persons, places, and things that look/see different than me.

Invitation, not force, is to engage in true Love Making. I can say, ‘look over
here at what i see from this mountaintop, and you can say, ‘look what i see from the seaside’ .  Here there is freedom for all to participate in the dance with integrity. To sing or be silent. To listen to God’s own longing in them and to trust it.

Freedom for all to listen to the wisdom of their own hearts in God is the beginning of Making Love real in this place. The unique beauty of the soul that resides within is longing to be revealed to another who is willing to see. Seeing through the eyes of Soul enables us to witness the true essence of another person, the radiance of their being, which is not so very different than us at all.

The union of seeming opposites that honors the integrity of each, so neither one forces nor is forced upon, is to conceive of something most precious.

from such unions Beauty is born.

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