Day 20- Power surges

Day 20 – Power Surge

2 Samuel 8: 7-16. Luke 1:26-28


‘ Within our darkest night, you kindle the fire that never dies away’ – taize chant


Last night, I dreamt again. This time I was right in the midst of the beautiful city I had seen from the distance in my dream of the previous evening. The city was losing power, draining its energy source and the lights were slowly dimming. Suddenly, there was a surge of power from the central station and all became bright. From this I awoke with a sigh and a smile….


Sometimes we grow weary and we lose sight of Love. Sometimes our eyes grow dim and we cannot see how Love can possibly be here and now in the midst of this human existence. Sometimes we are plunged into complete darkness. But nothing is impossible with God.


We come from (flow forth from) Love to bear Love into Life. Life itself is blessed. Human existence is the handmaid of Love, and the product of our labors here is holy. Even the barren places are filled with the Presence of God, for God is not some Being separate from life, God is Being itself, the very essence of life itself.  We ask “How can this be?”  Mostly, we ask because we do not understand how Love is present and becoming in the midst of our humble lives. At other times though, we are indeed greatly troubled by life. In these times, if we submit to the mystery of Love, we will hear the whisper of the Holy and soon Love will overshadow the darkness with light.


Perhaps another definition of the virginal in us might be that untainted place that remembers something of the Eternal Essence from which we flow forth into being. With our hearts pledged to Joseph, (to being protected from shame or not allowing entrance to that which will harden our hearts), we can keep these virginal innocent places in us soft and open to the possibility and the presence of Love here and now. This Love then can spread to touch the previously unlovable….can grow to reign in our hearts. 


Still, there are times when life seems to drain the Light and angels are called for to reboot our knowing. We do get surges of awakening….often, almost always, in the midst of our deepest darkness…. and somehow our strength to love is increased.

      It’s as if the darkness calls for more light.

          It’s as if our breaking breaks us open to the light.

              It’s as if the darkness makes us search for the light

                  It’s as if the darkness makes the light the only thing we can see.

Through maintaining our new re-connections made in the dark to the Presence of God deep in our lives, our heart’s power to love is enlarged.


We are told that Love will build up its dwelling place in us so that we will no longer find ourselves to be oppressed by the darkness (within and without). Love, who has been with us always, long before our knowing, both in times of rich nurture and days of wandering pursuit, Love that is present and hidden in mystery at once, will make itself known and will lead us. We will see only goodness….not because we close our eyes to the ‘bad’, but because we see through new eyes to the goodness that is present with and within, forming and informing,  all.  As with our perception of the sun, which is always there though not always perceived by the naked eye, our understanding grows as our remembrance matures and we come simply to know and to trust in Love’s presence beneath the clouds… and even within the dark of night.


Our wandering awareness will cease, for Love desires to take up permanent residence in us. We will no longer move in and out of the awareness of God, but will remain held by Love’s powerful beam. This One, who has been picking up its tent and following us/accompanying us wherever we have gone (all the while being deeply nurtured by our life’s experiences and transforming our pain into blessing) has been waiting for us to notice or remember it. Now it is ready to make its Eternal Presence known.


This growing Presence, this seed of Love implanted deeply in the womb of our lives, which is nourished by and grown within our human/humble experiences of life, becomes fully developed in us to become a very Real and Visible Presence. It emerges to take up its permanent dwelling place in our awareness.

Then Love becomes central to our Being.

Beauty fills our vision.

And Compassion encompasses all.


The mystery, hidden, is revealed.


“Deep in the darkness of a silent night and quietly in the secret of your soul, the mystery of Love continues to be born’ – unknown

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