day 22- called to be One

Galatians 3:23-4:7

I was hoping that that passage for today would’ve been Mary’s Magnificat, her lovesong to You.  I have been yearning for that passage to come up, to sing along with her.  Instead I was offered this……and so I listen, Love……

This lovesong today is not so much about us birthing and nurturing Love in this place, not so much about bearing You into being, but about being Your offspring and receiving You fully. And so, Beloved, I am asked to embrace the many requests of Yours, the many forms of your Your Essence, the many ways You come into being and receive my beingness into You.  Today, I sway slightly in this subtle shift in the evershifting, ever fluid, ever flowing Soul-Spirit-Being that We are.

You bear us into being.

We receive You.

We bear You into being.

You receive us into You.

You bear and receive Yourself.

We are in You.

You are in us.

You are in Yourself

We are caught by You.

You are caught by us.

You catch Yourself.

We flow forth from Your overflowing goodness.

We overflow into You…..

You flow into Yourself


Today you invite us to be the heir of all that You possess, of all that You are!

And all that You are is Love.


To possess as much Love as God?! …within this incarnation of flesh is a delicate thing. Our flesh is fragile. Hearts break with the fullness that is Love. And so we are asked at the same time to embrace the suffering of Love. Yes, our ‘yes’ to life is a ‘yes’ to being broken by Love.


Imagine Mary’s pain…..her heart full of Love for her son.

Imagine Jesus’ pain……his heart full of Love for his mother

     full of Love for the One with whom he is ‘In Love’,

                the God whom he cannot see for a moment

in the next, full of Love for the people who shamed him.


I am drawn to ponder yesterday’s question. What is Love requesting of us in this ‘bargain’? How is Love needful of us? For to have full possession of Love is to be filled- to-breaking with compassion for all the places in which we perceive the Presence of God, the One whom we love, suffering. To have compassion in all of the places where we see suffering and struggle to embrace the Presence of God there?


This is again to be asked to behold the beauty of ‘the bigger picture’. Yes, to gaze at life through the eyes of Love, to gaze at God through the eyes of Love, but it is also to be asked to see ‘up close and personal’ the pain this life in the flesh and still to gaze upon God, upon Life itself, through eyes of Love.  This way of Love’s being and bearing Love in this physical plane, this incarnation we are invited to be, is created and asked to  fully experience the terrible beauty of life, the joys and the sorrows of Love, and to let it break open and grow even greater the heart of Love. How much can Love hold?


We are asked to dwell in both places at once….in the place of seeing through the eyes of Love ‘the bigger picture’ and  being ‘up close and personal’…. when we are given ‘full possession’ of God’s Love. We are asked to be Spirit and Flesh, to not leave one for the other, but to be One. To know our humanity, to know our sacredness at once. The Christ in us, conceived through the knowledge of the union of the two, develops within to keep us connected, whole, open to both, as it mediates between these two very Real places in us. Through the widening channels within, Love and Compassion embrace within us.


Through our opening to Love, we are able to give birth to Compassion.

Through our full embrace of compassion we are able to open out to God.

We love one another as we Love God.

We love God as we love one antoher.

We are Loved.

We are Love.

We Love.


Love receives our heartaches; our heartaches receive compassion

We are received by Love; our pain is transformed into blessing.

Blessings overflow from God

We flow forth in blessing.

We see God everywhere.

We are seen by God everywhere.

In each face, in each vista, in each dark of night

            We see and are seen.


This Christ presence within, making us whole, connecting Spirit and Flesh, is not only working within us and within the other, but is also between us, before us, and after us within the stuff of Life. Love both infills and wraps itself around our humanity, filling our bodies and fitting our skin like a glove. And so, Love transforms our ‘mere’ physical experiences into something sacred in this whole-making, into something by which Love can take Being and Form in this place. Love moves with us as we are moved by Love. Our Lives radiate blessing. We are not longer living as if separate.


Love, you speak a lot here about law and freedom from law…..Jesus himself spoke of fulfillment of the law. …. This is what I hear today….


 I think when we first arrive in this place, while we are learning just how hard this life in the flesh is, the laws of Love are quite needful. They help us to keep our hearts aligned with Love as we first experience pain and fear, and remind us something of the Love, from whom we came and to whom we belong. They keep us safe from the traumas and shames that can inhibit our bringing Love fully forth. They nurture and protect us. They are intended to remind us to honor this journey of Life, to honor You in ourselves, to honor You in the other, to honor You.


But somewhere along the way, as we grow into fully inhabiting this sacred space of spirit and flesh, we are called to be in full possession of Love, to know who we are, to remember our connection to Love within and to carry it with us, no longer looking outward for its reminders. We are perhaps no longer called to be apprentices of Love but to be master co-creators, bestowers of Love. To Be Love. To Be Presence. To inhabit our deepest selves and be fully ourselves. To live with integrity of Being. The law of Love is also no longer something separate from us. We are Love’s manifestation.


To cling to the law in that place is to cling to the inside of a womb that we have outgrown….a womb that has protected and nurtured us for eventual Life outside. To cling to the law is to mistake the structure for the presence it contained. To cling to the law is to make it an idol while Love itself awaits our devotion. To cling to the law at the expense of the growth of Love is to allow the very thing that once embraced us to enslave us, to shame us. To cling to the law is to keep ourselves separated….into inside and outside Love.


Finally, though, the law falls away, not because it was ‘bad’ (indeed the womb of Christ cannot be called bad!), but because we no longer need it. We are called now to be Lovers, not children. With the Christ within fully developed, this connecting presence within between our humanity and our divinity, we can’t NOT be aligned with Love. We do what we are. Love is all there is.


Stripped of all that I thought I was
of all the clothes I wore
I am
naked, and I am
my Self
wearing no thing at all
but You

(several old pieces have been ringing their resonance in these last days, follow the links below to two of them)

also, if you like me are longing for the Magnificat to be sung at last….. click here to hear my own response to Mary’s song from the beginning of this advent journey

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