prayer for a new year

Day follows long night,

grows full in her wake, then is shed

into the dark, where he receives

nurture, like a babe, suckling at mother’s dark breast.


Moon swells into fullness, soaking up light,

then drains once again into newness, even her waters

draw close then recede, mirroring her in their dance.


Earth inhales light once again,

drawing up bud and blossom and fruit,

then exhales her long autumn sigh,

releasing her gifts as she goes

into the








like atman in the bliss of the dreamless

restorative sleep,

returning to bask in the holy


i too

am a circle

growing full, letting go, returning to rest


where I too

am touched by the holy,

mysterious dark ways… unseen, unremembered, unknown…



i rise and i dip

like one being drained

and soaking up goodness again

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