soothing the savage beast

mermaid canoe

onto my shoulders, I hoist her,

balance her weight and her breadth

beneath which I can see but one

footfall preceding the next

though fallen leaves pillow our cadence

as toward those still waters we trudge

it’s just she and I on this crossing

and gravity’s burden feels great

at water’s edge, I ease her,

she’ll shoulder me now, I breathe,

as I gingerly climb into her belly

kneeling on shaky ground

the blade in my hand slices,

as if it has roots in my heart,

her graceful response feels like music

as broken chords flow from my limbs

each plunge of the blade draws me closer

from her sustenance now, I breathe deep

bathing in presence, primal

rebirth of my self from this womb

only then do I notice my hips,

rooted so firmly in her,

have grown broad and long in our union,

fierce power and beauty at once.

we flow and we spiral, with grace?

such an improbable incarnation.

breast of the swan, tail of the whale

we dance in these waters as one.

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