One of the great things about walking with a camera in hand is that it slows you down. A lot. Nothing can be more important than seeing. Not getting to your destination, nor getting your words in edgewise. Not being stuck in your head, nor worrying, planning, or regretting. A lot like taking a walk with a child, a camera forces you to simply pay attention.

Prayer is that way too, also giving you a lens for seeing more clearly what you may walk right past without it

The earth really is quite spectacular.  One small step can fill your lens with delight if your eyes are open… a flower tucked up next to a water access pipe, a tiny rock propped up against it just so, an ocean of green blades with tiny blue eyes peeping out over the waves, the tiniest of seedlings in the dark of a woodpecker hole.

This evening, I was so lucky to step outside just before twilight, in order to go for the mail. The air was clear and quite brisk and, as I walked along, I began to notice that there was something else in it too, something quite magical. The light was dancing, at play with the earth. That’s the other wonderful thing about walking with a camera, you train yourself to look for the light.

Here, a tiny white blossom drinks in the last drop of sunlight. There, an ordinary robin’s chest, aglow like the great orange ball of a setting sun. The end buds of so many trees, ready to burst, seem to pop in the twilight like kernels in oil. And a tiny white pine, so lit by the golden rays that I am certain there are remnants of Christmas tinsel fluttering in its needles. Have to walk close to her side to determine the truth.

And I think to myself, how perfect this simple walk to the post office and back. How perfect, THIS particular moment to step outside, this impromptu choice to stroll east away from the sun, these tiny pine boughs. And I am filled with simple gratitude. The proper lens can do that too.

I suspect each of us here is gilded like that tiny pine tree when we catch the light just right.  And I suspect that it takes eyes attentive and softened ‘just so’ to see the gold in each other. How often, I wonder, do we walk right by it. Perhaps we just need to drop our agenda.. our judgment and fears, worry and regret… to don a new lens.

Look for the light.




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