i’m very sorry Emily, you have it perfectly wrong part 2*

easter lily 1I’m happiest when close at hand

As with petal’s intricate beauty grand

I can root my heart in its home of clay

and my eye can ponder the juicy array


When I am one with and within

my rapt attention focusing in

This pistil, this pollen, this wondrous style

through intimacy, i’m reconciled


my senses and my mind alert

this carnal knowledge becomes overt

to ripen this delight in me

through such engaged intensity


how can I betray this body of flesh

when within this fine web I am enmeshed

the blossom and the bee dance within me

of an elegant immensity


*see I’m Sorry Emily, You have it Perfectly Wrong


An afternoon of dissecting a blossom and looking at pollen under the microscope opened up a whole new world of poetry to me.12967894_869141539878309_1033080321407952127_o

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. kidfriendlyyoga
    Apr 20, 2016 @ 22:30:15

    Georgia O’Keeffe would have loved your poem and its inspiration!



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