I have been continuing the work of uncovering the treasures from my experiences of last summer and fall. The process felt rather like this at first, looking into the fog from a seat on the sidelines, trying to pull forth the memories of what was there. Quickly though, the words in my journal and in messages sent home, bring with them images and feelings, and the fog is beginning to clear. Islands of awareness are slowly emerging.

When I returned from those months away, life here took me by storm – a surgery for my husband with a long and now complicated recuperation, not to mention the political season that swept me into its chaos for awhile.  It is good to revisit in these deeper waters and  search for its hidden message.

I am posting these new entries directly into the calendar where they occurred. You can find the latest post here .

If you poke around from there, either using the calendar in the righthand margin, or the previous post/next post arrow from the bottom of the page, the rest of the story will begin to unfold.


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