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A singular Love

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I am revisiting my Algonquin journal entries today, almost 2 months after that beautiful, intimate trip with Don took place. (I have begun blogging them on my other page – Between that blessed trip and today, there have been 2 weeks of deep joy surrounding my son’s  wedding, one return trip to Algonquin,** where for […]


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Yesterday, I felt it. How quickly a tug upon my heart can tip my sense of equilibrium until I spill into a pool of overwhelm. A part of me wonders, am I that full that it takes so few drops to make me overflow? Or is it that I’m just that empty? It is true […]

star thrower

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I’m really quite bleary eyed tonight, but I’m going to post this, rough and rambling as it is, anyway. This morning I opened my email to read about the virtue of ‘monotasking’, paying attention with a singular focus.  Funny that word should slip into my awareness on a morning when I’d awakened from a dream […]

weaving a life


So life rolls on… hotels, craft booths and doctor’s offices with my husband, rehab facility room with my mother, indoor swimming pools with the women in my exercise class, cell phone calls with my sister, my daughter. Facebook. Of course, then there was my granddaughter’s 3rd birthday with the whole gang en masse, my friend’s leather sofa with a glass of white wine, […]