Antiphons – call and response to the sacred text


Antiphons—responses to the Beloved in scripture


l. Luke 19: 1-10

I want to free what waits within me

I want to sing you as no one ever has

May what I do flow from me like a river

Streaming through widening channels to the open sea

 (paraphrase of rilke)


2 . psalm 50/Luke 19

I only know you in my heart, o love

by honoring the Love that you declare for me

I welcome Your desire to stay in me

May You Be here by dwelling in my being.


3. Luke 12: 35-40

May I be open to Your presence in this day, o love

I light this candle so that I can see you

In the darkness, may you find me opening

As I await your coming here to Be in me


3. acts 17:16-34

may I carry this truth with me through this day, o love

that you are with me in each moment

may my silences and songs be filled with reverence

as I receive and bear you into being


4. Colossians 4:2-18

may I be present to your prayer within me love

may I be mindful of your yearning

may I breathe what labors to be born in me

as I cry out may I proclaim your beauty


your thirst for being never dies in me

from deep, You stir me into being

these urgencies of heart relay Love’s messages

reminding me who I am meant to be


my yearning is Your yearning to be free in me

my prayer Your yearning to be sung

mystery of Christ, proclaimed in my humanity

in chains, I bring You into being.


5.Psalm 91/rilke paraphrase

I yearn to be held in the great hands of your heart, o love

oh let them take me now into your holiness

I place these fragments of my life into your heart, o love

For You to spend however you desire


6. I cherish this place where we meet as sacred, love

I welcome you inside to make love to me

Come fill me with your loving presence

That I may overflow with what you’re birthing


7. may I soften at your touch, o love

may I open at your touch, o love

may I expand at your touch, o love

may I flow from your touch, o love


8. Matthew 23:1-12

May I hear the whisper of Your Being in this song, o love

May you be the Song singing within me

Open me to You that I may flow from You

Receiving You how’ere you come before me


May I Be Love throughout my day

May I see Love throughout my day

May there be no here nor there, no better/worse

May my Being and my doing be as One.


9.  Thessalonians 2

O my Love, may the One who comes into my home

Build up my house

So that what is birthed in me

Is you.




9. Response to Song –Beautiful darkness/matthew 25


you come into the dark of my unknowing, Love

I can but trust I’m sacred to You

When I can’t see you, you behold me

Cradling the light I am within your holiness


10.Though it is dark, o love, my heart’s awake

I yearn to sing you, love, to flow into you

Of you, for you, to you, in you, I sing

May you receive my song into your silence


11.  My song in your silence

My silence in your song

We sing




13. 1 Peter 1:3-9

May I embrace the glorious joy of being in Love with life.

May I hold this secret tenderlyl

For my soul is saved through this embrace

May my soul deepen in peace

May my soul expand in understanding

May my soul overflow in Love

May I bring forth this truth into my days

May I flow from this opening in me

May I bear love and compassion into being

May I welcome all in the name of Love

May I face the darkness and see light—waiting to shine on me as I on it.

May I fall into the abyss of unknowing, into the arms of Love

May I know nothing

May I trust only the mystery of love.


J: I stand at the threshold and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.                                                           (Rev 3:20)


T: I slept, but my heart was awake. A sound! My beloved is knocking. “Open to me, my sister, my love, my dove, my perfect one                               (Song of Solomon 5:2)

A: Blessed is the one who listens to me,
       watching daily at my doors,
       waiting at my doorway. For whoever finds me finds life.      ( Proverbs 8: 34-35)

V: O Love, you are my Beloved

I long for You

My soul thirsts for You

All that is within me thirsts

As in a dry and barren land

Where there is no water

I call out to You in my heart

Sensing your power and glory

Your steadfast Love is life to me

And my lips will praise you

I will radiate your love as long as I live

Becoming a blessing to others as I flow from you                                   (Psalm 63, Merrill)


Blessed are those who hunger and thirst to be in the fully alive in the aliveness of God for they will be filled                                                                      (Matthew 5:6, Bourgeault)

We know that the whole creation is groaning as in the pains of childbirth. And we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for the redemption of our bodies.     (Romans 8:22-23)

He yearned to see who Jesus was, but he couldn’t because of the crowd. Jesus said, “Come down. I want to stay at your house today”

May I become like a hollow reed

So You may play your melody through me

For I long to be attuned to the great song of the Cosmos,

To know the song of inner praise!

O, that I might hear the Divine Melody within

And give birth to a dancing star                                                             (Psalm119, zayin








May the harvest be abundant, Love

As you reap the blessing that my life has sown

Overflowing you my hunger dissipates

As I bear the fruit of our Love ripening


Your pour yourself into my life, o Love

Requesting only that I do the same

That my heart embracing all this tenderness

May spill itself into your eagerness

























parable of the talents

o Love, you pour your whole self into me
requesting only that i do the same
and pour myself into this tender place
exquisite brokeness and beauty

o Love, at times unbearable, this opening
as my heart expands to hold life’s blessings
my soul is overflowing with reality
i long for you come to catch its spilling

but Love, you eagerly await this opening
as eagerly as i await your coming
for me to spill these riches into you
from this, my heart, increased by suffering

oh Love, your arms are overflowing with my gifts
of Love grown in abundance through life’s seasons
my heart is eager, Love, for you to spend them well
as You delight in what i’m offering

extravagant blessings

o Love,

i am smiling all over

and all under

at the way You come into my eagerness

with your surprise


awakening my heart, alive

i jump right out of sleep

into delight


o You, just when i had thought

i was the one delighting You

You overflow Your Wild Extravagance

onto me


today, i prayed the parable of the talents. of course, sunday’s readings also include passages from the wisdom texts, from old testament prophets, and from the letters.

the psalm (76) spoke to me of the breaking down of all the ‘opposes’ Love. Love
alone has the power to do so. and Love’s dwelling place is within the temple of
my own heart. none of the voices (within) that wish to despise me can stand up
for long in the presence of this voice of Love that raises its song to save the
oppressed. they fall away… only as they are Loved. and the oppressor itself is
transformed through Love.

the prophecy (zephaniah 1) began with a search. Love like a searchlight in my
heart, awakening compassion in me. again there was the destroying the walls
that have been built up in me to keep Love out, the walls that keep me from
experiencing Love in my being, and from knowing the exquisitely tender joy of
being awake and alive. the day when Love triumphs in me will be a day exactly
like last evening…a day when i allow Love inside the darkness, when i allow
Love to embrace and encompass my sorrow and gloom, my tears and anger and fear.
when i allow Love to see and be with it all. when i allow Love to embrace the
whole of my heart. behold my heart. be wholed.

the things that have kept me from knowing that i am Loved and Love will perish
by being dissolved by the light. the judgments that keep me from being fully
alive (the i shouldn’ts…feel this way, etc) will be burnt up in the passion
of Love.

the letter was again the thessalonians passage about the breastplate of love. my
heart in God’s heart. it reminded me that i have not been made to suffer but to
receive Love. to be a receptor of Love in this place. whether i am asleep or
awake, whether i am sowing or reaping, Love, Christ, the Divine One in me
continues to be with me, in me, to behold me, work through me, for we are One
being, united in body and spirit. Love is who i am. simply. wholey.

finally, the parable. when Love returns to my awareness (and indeed with or
without my awareness) it comes to reclaim my life as its own. my life belongs
to Love. Love has fully invested itself in me. Love pours all of its wealth
into our lives, pours itself out into these physical manifestations of being
that our humanity is, into this human incarnation that i am. Love has poured
itself into me and it will reap what it has sown in me. Love is multiplying
through my being. through my being alive…fully alive. in all the things that
Love expresses and experiences through a body’s being here…in all the longing
and sorrow, all the desire and dying, all the tenderness and heartache, the
terrible beauty and unbearable joy, the breakings and birthings and
lovemakings, the yearnings for and the experiences of communion. i can only
return Love to Love by being fully present to and invested in life. by being
fully alive with all that is and all that is within me…pain and sorrow
included in that gift… for my life is also to be fully poured out. god’s
heart, within me, pouring out through my life, Love being poured out through
me, being made visible.

as i prayed with this, i saw the talents of my life being poured out into Love’s
hands, overflowing into Love’s hands, overflowing Love’s hands as Love
delighted. my heart within God’s heart pouring out its sorrow or its joy. the
heart of God expanding to contain it all.

o Love, i enter into life fully only as i enter fully into You , receiving all
that is, opening my heart to all that is, feeling, being all that is. i see the
hands of Your heart trying to catch all that i am as i pour myself out into Your
eagerness. I see Your arms overflowing with me, spilling over… and I know Your
joy, your delight.

my heart, within Your heart, as Your heart within mine, spilling over. i spill
into you all that I can (and can’t) hold of You and You catch me with delight,
spilling over with Joy.

o Love

behold my heart,
be wholed,

eat something- John 4:31-38

today’s  lectio passage (what an amazing gift this call to spending time in
scripture has been for me. thank you, god) contained these words. ‘open your eyes and look at the fields! they are ripe for harvest. even now the reaper draws his wages, even now he harvests the gifts of eternal life, so that the sower and the reaper may be glad together!” wow.

again i wonder about the gifts that my life, exactly has it has been lived,
has sown.  Love– the timeless One– is being manifested and gifted through the time-bound one that i am.  through what Love is harvesting in me, my life is redeemed. the sower is blessed. i am grateful to life, i am grateful to the sower in me. she has done her ‘work’ well. i can bless her. i can thank her.

jesus also states immediately preceding this passage that his hunger for
physical food is no more. what feeds him is ‘doing the will of the One who sent me and finishing his work’.  then he proceeds to explain what he means with the story of the harvest. what feeds him is growing Love. what feeds him is letting his life be a sower of Love, which Love can harvest.

may the harvest be abundant, Love
as i bear the blessing that my life has been
overflowing You, my hunger dissipates
as I bear the fruit of Your Love ripening.

i went from this prayer directly into the evening that was last evening, where i was asked to be fully present to what was/is in Love, to open my heart within the heart of God and try to hold it all. to feel. to be alive. to be fully
human within God, this place where there was no protection….there was only embrace.

is that what i means to let your life sow seeds for Love to harvest then?

clothed in grace

 cynthia bourgeault, in her book, wisdom jesus, explains that righteousness to the old testament writers meant a ‘being in the Presence of God’ so that when Jesus suggests that we ‘hunger and thirst for righteousness and will be filled’, he is speaking to the intensity of a longing to be deeply alive within God’s aliveness.  my longing is God’s longing to be in me and when i yearn, as i have been so yearning of late, i come into resonance with my deeper heart-knowing, that place of resonance with God’s wanting to be alive in me.

 i wonder. might we also take care as we explore our place in the world
and enter in to new relationships to not take our clothes off too soon?  this is a conversation that seems to be coming up alot as i have been witness to the pain of persons stuggling to learn when to jump into bed with their newest love, and when to keep their clothes on for awhile.

there seems to be a delicate balance between having compassion for the woundedness in the humanity of the other and not letting the other stomp upon the sacred treasure of your heart. often, in the process, there arises the need for compassion for self when the stomping occurs, a way in which to reclaim the holiness of the heart,  a need for gentleness and understanding for one’s own needs and desires that led us to close our ears to the truth of what the other is doing to us. it seems sometimes that the yearning in our hearts keeps them open to the stomping.

yet we are not called to be in a casual relationships, we must enter into them fully with our hearts. but perhaps we can be in relationships that explore the other deeply before entrusting the sacredness of our ‘body’ into the other’s hands. the irony here is that when we take off our clothes to soon, the relationship frequently fails to deepen and the initial sacred gift of self becomes a ‘casual’ fling.

our desires…goodness that they are, filled with God as they are… can
lead us to make ourselves vulnerable to those who are not able to receive the holiness of our offering. we know that the response is not to withhold
ourselves and harden our hearts. (after all, we have tried that in our previous relationship and learned it only harms us more because we close our own ears to our heart’s messages). how can we then hold our desire before us, honoring its goodness?….i suppose one way would be to always listen…is this fulfilling my heart’s desire?

perhaps the only real protection we have is to take the clothes of our
desires off in the presence of god, who sees the beauty of our offering, who
yearns with us to bring something to life in our flesh. to return to this inner
sanctuary, day after day, perhaps right in the midst of our external movements, is to be beheld as sacred by Love despite what the other sees.

this morning the passage that came up in lectio for me was from 1 thessalonians, where paul suggests we ‘put on the breastplate of love and the helmet of hope, for God did not appoint us to suffer’. i wonder what that looks like? is it like the blanket i was imagininglast evening?

these things i learned this day

these things i learned from my soul this day.

the fruits of love are love.

creating a container which Love can fill, allows Love to overflow.
(if i am boundaried in my receiving, i can be boundaryless in my overflowing)

if i am to give birth to Love in the world, i must allow myself the luxury of
being made love to.

the temptation is to believe i can make love by myself, that i can do all the
work, without surrendering myself to Love for guidance in the ways of Love.

virgin spaces can turn rigid with the mechanical fears of doing it right. but in
allowing my virgin spaces to receive a relaxed touch of love, my womb softens,
my womb opens, my womb expands in a fluid, flowing, gracefilled, and unexpected

lovemaking cannot be bound by the clock, “for i know not the hour when Love
….will come knocking”.

opening my heart to what is out there requires opening my heart to what is in here.

deep listening requires spending time deeply listening.

patience and perseverence need be grounded in desire for Love for the bridegroom can seem long in coming.

i must honor the bridal chamber in which we meet as sacred….life-giving,
joy-bearing, a place of concetion and growth for the only thing which i am to
give birth to in the world–Love.

…she conceived of the Holy Spirit and the word was made flesh and dwelt among


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