1.child going under, gasping for breath

drowning in waters too deep

in abysmal silence, you learn how to breathe

in darkness you dream while i sleep

what i didn’t see was this difference

your jump from the bridge was a dive

the hand letting go was a blessing

falling over, apart, is to fly

your flailing relinquished,

your sinking redeemed

your fear of the darkness resigned

enfolded in arms of stone stillness

underworld dance with divine

2. child, lifted up from the depths of the lake

like a pearl to Sophia’s crown

sparkling with waters of emergent life

in which you were nurtured not drowned

your appearance disquiets my flatness with beauty

and grief rushes out with your birthing

tearing open in me what wished to stay shut

frigidity cracked in unearthing

the chaos within, buried neath the still surface

erupts through this fault into blossom

transforming the anguish, which once i interred

in your watery womb, into wisdom

3. child, come to reclaim my heart as your throne

dance your way into my life

break into the cell of my wildlife reserves

open my wings as in flight

dry me in the warmth of your sunlight

by night, your lullabies sing

move your belongings back into my house

till i feel your power in my wings

child of my heart, don’t stop dancing

believe in your truth, you can fly

behold in your mirror Sophia

dancing Love’s dream into life.


christ child

oh Love
blessed, tender, vulnerable
creature that you are
embedded as you are within this fragile flesh
i feel your stirrings as you waken from your slumber
long before your cries do beckon me
the swelling in my breast
beseeches me to heed your call
to gather up your flailing limbs
to soothe your distress with a song
to draw you close
and let my liquid warmth
flow into your belly

oh Love
how tender is your need
how vital is my willingness
to feed it
yet when i gaze at you,
my own desire,
embedded in this fragile flesh,
does seem to rise of its own accord

it is as if
we’re One.


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